Object wallpaper / Wet system

Object wallpaper / Wet system

Object Wallpaper

Object wallpapers White Fox are used in busy areas, such as hospitals, office buildings, schools, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, airports and in the housing industry.

Impact and perforation resistanceTear resistant and crack bridgingAbrasion and scrub resistance*Resistance to disinfectants and cleaning agents*Water vapour-permeable

Resistance to fireNon-toxic and food-safeSuitable for allergy sufferersOeko-Tex certifiedCE declaration of conformity

Impact and perforation resistance

Tear resistant and crack bridging

Abrasion and scrub resistance

Resistance to disinfectants and cleaning agents*

Water vapour-permeable

Resistance to fire

Non-toxic and food-safe

Suitable for allergy sufferers

Oeko-Tex certified

CE declaration of conformity

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